Pre and post-conference tours

Discover some of the most superb, unexplored scenery in Europe!



Hidden Romania: Vast areas of outstanding natural beauty, mountains and lakes, forests and valleys - all teeming with wildlife.  Explore dense pine and beech forests still inhabited by the Carpathian brown bear, wolves, deer, wild boar, and the rare lynx - more than a third of the European populations of large carnivores still roam the Romanian forests! 


Experience the traditional way of life in the countryside, visit the fortified Saxon villages of Transylvania, and the slender wooden churches of Maramureș. Try your hand at traditional rural crafts, and trace secret passages in rambling Transylvanian castles. You will meet farmers who still plough by hand, shepherds guarding their flocks from predators, villagers who dress every day in traditional costume and foresters which are more used to meeting bears than tourists!



These tours are not part of the Conference itself and they are not included in the conference fee. They only represent a fine selection of ecotourism services for those of you that want to discover more of what Romania has to offer. If you are interested in other activities or destinations, please visit AER’s website for a complete offer.

Transylvania’s first authentic heritage accommodation introduces you to the marvels of living history and nature itself.
Price starting from:
212 EUR/person
This trip gives you the possibility to track together with a wildlife researcher some of these magnificent animals in the spectacular landscapes of Bucegi Natural Park, as well as see bears at a bear hide.
Price starting from:
145 EUR/person
A lovely mix of nature and culture around Sibiu, the former European capital of culture in 2007
Price starting from:
190 euro/person
Great hiking trip in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Romanian Carpathians.
Price starting from:
67 euro/person
Culture, traditional gastronomy and nature in the lovely Transylvanian setting.
Price starting from:
280 EUR/person
Fortified churches, ancient oak and beech forests, medieval villages and traditional farming practices.
Price starting from:
470 EUR/person
Travelling over a network of some 60 kilometers of narrow-gauge track, you can still find wood-burning steam locomotives running alongside several diesels and railcars.
Price starting from:
127 Eur/person
A great mountain biking experience during which you will discover beautiful natural sites and also get a glimpse of one of the last rural civilizations in Europe.
Price starting from:
212 euro / person
Explore the great karst variety and enjoy the traditional cultural landscape of the Western Caprathians.
Price starting from:
203 Euro/person