The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) in an innovative manner brings the public and private sector s together, in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development. AER contributes to the quality improvement of the ecotourism related services and promotes nature as an essential element of the Romanian tourist destination image. The association addresses the development of ecotouristic services and infrastructure within the ecotouristic destinations, the nature conservation and the sustainable development in Romania.


What does AER do?

AER is committed to developing and promoting REAL ecotourism in Romania. Its members participate at international travel trade exhibitions around Europe, promoting ecotourism as an activity and Romania as an ecotourism destination. AER assists in developing a series of ecotourism destinations in Romania, supporting small scale local services and products, keeping tourism standards at the highest level and supporting local and national nature conservation efforts.

Please find out more about our organization and its members on our website.