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Vast areas of outstanding natural beauty, mountains and lakes, forests and valleys - all teeming with wildlife.  Discover some of the most superb, unexplored scenery in Europe. Climb the lofty peaks of the Carpathian Mountains rising to over 2500 metres. Explore dense pine and beech forests still inhabited by the Carpathian brown bear, wolves, deer, wild boar, and the rare lynx - more than a third of the European populations of large carnivores still roam the Romanian forests!  Watch eagles soar in the mountains, see Pelicans and Glossy Ibis in the Danube Delta, or just enjoy a tranquil picnic amid a patchwork of wild flowers.


Rural Culture

Experience the traditional way of life in the countryside, visit the breathtaking Painted Monasteries of Bucovina, the slender wooden churches of Maramureș, and the fortified Saxon villages of Transylvania. Try your hand at traditional rural crafts, and trace secret passages in rambling Transylvanian castles. Travel by country lane, forest track or mountain path, stopping frequently to talk to local people and photograph things of interest rarely seen by the foreign visitor. You will meet farmers who still plough by hand, shepherds guarding their flocks from predators, villagers who dress every day in traditional costume and foresters which are more used to meeting bears than tourists!


Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brașov is a mountain resort located just a few kilometres from the medieval city of Brașov, central Romania. Although the area is mostly known for the Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle), there is a high density of protected areas, rich in biodiversity, while the rural area has still kept its traditions and authenticity.